Stop Analyzing, Start Promoting Your Site!


As web promotion grows more and more popular everyday, so does over analyzing your stats, rankings, page rank, popularity rank, etc. We are all caught up in an analyzing funnel that seems to have no end in sight.

Many of you who have learned how to promote your own website, seem to be forgetting the 1st and most important rule – keep promoting.

Analyzing Is Over Ratted:

As we all have our own methods to base our success online, we also have to make sure that we don’t forget the fact that the more we analyze, the less we promote.

Does This Sound Like You?

– I like to re-check on a daily/hourly basis my Google search engine placements!
– I go to everyday to see if my ranking has gone up/down!
– I check my link popularity once a week, maybe once a day!
– I check to see how many backlinks Google rewards my site!
– I double check my site stats to see if the GoogleBot has been crawling on my site!

If this sounds like you, you might want to re-think how much you are actually contributing to your search marketing efforts.

See most people want to see their efforts being rewarded right away while loosing sight of the real agenda on hand. If you keep promoting and forget to check your rankings, placements, etc, when you actually remember to check your stats, you will be in for a huge surprise!!!

It’s better to explain it like this. Have you ever had a moment that seems like 1 minute took an eternity? On the flip side of that, have you ever had an entire afternoon seem like it flew past and you didn’t notice the time?

It’s the same online. If you sit there and watch that minute go by, it will seem like an eternity to pass and nothing will have been accomplished. On the other hand, if you keep promoting your site daily and never pay too much attention to your stats, minutes will seem like seconds and hours will seem like minutes. You want to be too busy to even care about your stats. If you can accomplish that, you will see the rewards you’ve been after all along.

I Don’t Know Where To Go From Here?

– Start finding better link partners.
– Make contact with other like mended companies.
– Swap services and advertising with others.
– Read more articles about promoting online.
– Join blog sites or forums to expand your knowledge.
– Write an article, or an ebook.
– Find good directories to submit your business to.

There are literally 100’s of ways to improve your search marketing strategy online. What I always say to everyone is this; “Web marketing isn’t just one thing you can do, it’s a combination of 100 different strategies all coming together and pooling into one web site.”

In Conclusion:

Try and stay away from ANY stat whatsoever for 1 week and promote your business. At the end of the week, check to see if your progress is working. If not, learn new strategies and again, promote your site for another week. At the end of the week, check your progress. If you keep to this method of checking your progress, you are guaranteed to see different results every week as long as you promote your business once a day. It doesn’t take much sometimes, it may only be 20 minutes a day that makes all that difference in your online promoting campaign.

Until next time, keep promoting!


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